Our Team

Vladimir Mirniy

Vladimir Mirnii

The CEO of ContentAdore

A professional blogger, copywriter, entrepreneur with over 7 years of experience. Vladimir likes to help others and believes that everyone is equal. He adores art and creativity. When he is not busy with entrepreneurship he participates in volunteering projects. Let’s make this world better together!

Ryan Danes

Ryan Danes

An English Author and Journalist

Ryan Danes is an English author and journalist who lives on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon. Last year he wrote and published his fifth book, which was about the former head of BBC Drama, and the creator of Doctor Who, Sydney Newman which enjoyed international news coverage. He has also written for TV, newspapers, magazines, and websites, and is currently studying for a master’s in Education.
He has written for The Sun, BBC, Oneshow, SciFiNow, The Cornish Times, Daily Mirror, BBC Radio 2, Backpass football magazine, Doctor Who Magazine, The Evening Herald
Subjects he can write about most subject. Interests are sport, science, psychology, Bitcoin, Education, Holidays, beauty, adverts, blogs, cosmology, science-fiction, TV and radio, animals, technology and computers.

Conal Cambell

Editor / Technology Marketer

Conal Campbell is a technology marketer with 10 years of international experience.
He has worked with leading fintechs, including on blockchain projects which have generated over $30m.
Before working in Marketing and PR he worked in leading retail and investment banks. Conal holds an MBA from University College Dublin, an MA from University College London and BA from Trinity College Dublin.

Tatyana Guk

Content Manager

Content manager, who is happy to supervise the work of writers and editors. Tatyana dreams of growing up and becoming famous)

Viktor Glukhov

A Professional Blogger / Content Marketer

Part content marketer, part social scientist, Viktor creates high-ROI content strategies for businesses by diving deep in the reality of their ideal clients.
He also writes well-researched articles that engage readers with a friendly voice, tons of empathy and a touch of class.